Sponsor A Child

Your sponsorship helps provide children with the necessities for a healthy and successful start to their life  nutrition, early childhood and adolescent development, education and school health.

Your generosity lifts entire communities. Our programmes reach children’s parents, caregivers and community members. Together we help ensure children’s futures, protect them from exploitation and provide them with hope for the future.

The Ashok Tree Foundation work in partnership and have local staff in Paliapattu. We want to ensure that all children receiving an education at the Sita Devi Yogamaya Charity School are treated equally and fairly. As such we identify a specific class/year of students who will be linked to a group of sponsors.

When you contribute to sponsor a year of students, our local staff will notify the parents and teachers. We will create an online community collaboration zone connecting the teachers, parents, students and sponsors. The collaboration zone will facilitate dialogue between the stakeholders and ensure positive updates and influences can be realised across this virtual community.

Your donations for the assigned year of students are combined with the gifts of other sponsors and donors – rather than just being given directly to your sponsored child – to support programs that help make life better for all eligible children and their families in the communities we serve.

You will be able to follow progress through the online social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. If you choose to keep it old skool, you have the opportunity to write letters and emails to your sponsored year of students and to receive correspondence from them.

You will be able to personally experience the positive change you are making in the life of the young children and their community.