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How can we help each other

With a passion and zeal to help the needy and disadvantaged in the world, we are committed to building bridges across generations for change. We take a different approach by providing an education to the young and services to the elderly and needy, which help communities to become stronger through the development of healthy bodies and minds. Health & wellbeing are the common thread throughout our motivation, whether it applies to the students at the Sita Devi Charity School, the elderly we feed, the yoga students in a community class in London, the animals we look after or nature itself.

When people truly give of themselves to help others, they receive far more in return. We encourage people who receive benefit from the services we provide to also give of themselves and provide help to individuals who need it the most.

Our Mission

Our mission statement can be summed up with one word: HUMANITY

Education | Building Strong Minds:
Education to give the next generation an opportunity to change their futures. Yoga & Meditation to help create balance.

Health | Building Strong Bodies:
Natural health programs for people in need, focus on nutrition and preventive care. Health and wellbeing go hand in hand.

Awareness | Building Strong Spirit:
Loving & respecting the environment we live in, while taking care of the people, animals and nature around us.

Our Vision

We are a Foundation who provide comprehensive services in communities globally where the residents are living in extreme poverty, we provide specific holistic based services to those in need in those local communities.

We maintain a unique, holistic and sustainable learning environment for needy children while promoting tolerance, equality, spirituality and ecological awareness in the communities we serve.

Breakdown barriers and foster an inclusive attitude, seeking to enable all students to realise their full potential.  Yoga & Meditation are core to our activities.

These dreams are being fulfilled because they are inspired by the communities we serve.

We ensure sustainable and ethical techniques are used throughout all of our projects.

We look forward to connecting with you

If our foundation, our causes, the people who we serve or the people who help us, connect with you, there are many ways in which you get involved. We have had a couple of key supporters help us to kick start projects, including the elderly home and food project for the community as examples.   Upon visiting the project site in India, our new supporters realised that the need is greater than expected and they were blown away with how far their support can go in making a profound change in the lives of individuals.

You can also get involved by participating in the various events held to raise awareness or participate in our events, like a weekly community yoga or meditation class in London.

We are fully supported by volunteers and are always seeking new volunteers with specific skills to help fill gaps. A few examples of how people have helped in the past year; volunteer Ayurvedic Doctors and nurses running the Health Camps in India, Yoga teachers leading classes or hosting events in the UK, Yoga Studios providing space to run the classes, Videographer & photographers capturing valuable footage and the editors who created the final videos to broadcast, Website developers, social media community manager and more. Our needs are always expanding; so if you have a specific skill or experience you think we could benefit from, it would be great to meet you!

Helping Ashok Tree Foundation to serve and create joy

Kindness is a sign of love that is held within your heart.

Our mind & ego must indulge in serving & sharing, a path that leads us closer to our truth when we do it without any attachment to the outcome.  Just be mindful with the process of surrendering to the desire of serving, sharing, giving and helping. That is the definition of kindness; a direct thread to the heart that is vibrating and bursting with love and compassion.  We are so grateful to be surrounded by friends like you and others who walk with us on this path.

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Our Video Story

A story is based on an experience that changes a life and the viewpoint within an individual and the community. Supporters who have been involved with with the Ashok Tree Foundation projects, often say that it is a life changing experience for them.

Our Yoga and Meditation programs, healthy body and healthy mind movement and food distribution programs are enhancing the lives of many. They impact the people giving as much as the people who receive, and isn’t that what life is all about? Share and Love?  Check out our video to explore further.  Oh yeah, it was filmed, produced and edited all by volunteers.

Our Chairman

Melvyn Carlile has been the Chairman since November 2015. He is looking for ways to build bridges between you and our causes.

Melvyn Carlile is the Managing Director of the legendary Mind Body Spirit Festival, a global brand that for the past 37 years has stood as a catalyst for personal transformation, change, health and wellbeing. Melvyn has a large network of well-connected shakers and movers all dedicated to bringing about real change and empowerment.

He became involved with the Ashok Tree Foundation as a Trustee with a strong belief of being able to deliver support to those in need, within the Sita Devi Charity School and its community, through real empowering solutions for change, hope and a better life.

Our Team

Melvyn Carlile

Chairman / Trustee

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Michele Carvalho

Head of Projects / Trustee

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Francesca Quaradeghini


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Malcolm Berger


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Willow Kemp


Raj Selvarajah

Finance / Trustee

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Kwok Ying Chan

Finance / Trustee

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Richard Manly

Head of Legal / Trustee

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Yogi Ashohkananda

Vice Chairman / Trustee

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