About us


The Ashok Tree Foundation is a UK headquartered charity helping to relieve the impoverished conditions and promote human rights in identified communities through a holistic, sustainable and long-term approach. The Foundation’s efforts are focused on driving the sustainable advancement of education, wellness health care and social needs within communities where resources are severely limited and out-dated by building two-way partnerships between the locals in the communities and the foundation’s active trustees and volunteers.

We are a Foundation who provide comprehensive services  in communities globally where the residents are living in extreme poverty, we provide specific holistic based services to those in need in those local communities. We maintain a unique, holistic and sustainable learning environment for needy children, while promoting tolerance, equality, spirituality and ecological awareness in the communities we serve. Breakdown barriers and foster an inclusive attitude, seeking to enable all students to realise their full potential.  Yoga & Meditation are core to our activities.

These dreams are being fulfilled because they are inspired by the communities we serve.

We ensure sustainable and ethical techniques are used throughout all of our projects.

Our mission statement can be summed up with one word: HUMANITY.

Education | Building Strong Minds:
Education to give the next generation an opportunity to change their futures. Yoga & Meditation to help create balance.

Health | Building Strong Bodies:
Natural health programs for people in need, focus on nutrition and preventive care. Health and wellbeing go hand in hand.

Awareness | Building Strong Spirit:
Loving & respecting the environment we live in, while taking care of the people, animals and nature around us.