We have a variety of campaigns occurring throughout the year, as we enable services in the communities we serve.  You can find the various campaigns currently underway here, all with a view to improving the health and wellbeing of the people in the communities of London & Paliapattu, Tamil Nadu.

July 2016 Health Camp Focuses on Children’s health & nutrition

July’s Health and Wellbeing awareness camp at the school. On the agenda; fresh food, oral hygiene, hand washing and general health check ups ….your donations make this all possible

Chairman Meets with Students at Sita Devi Charity School

The students visit with the Chairman over their Summer Holidays. The children had special video and food treats with the Ashok Tree Foundation Team. The children were excited and delighted […]

Chairman Meets the Parents

Mel Carlile, Chairman of the Ashok Tree Foundation meets the parents of the students at Sita Devi Charity School in India.  The open discussion between Mel and the parents, facilitated […]

Chairman arrives in India!

We are delighted to welcome our Chairman, Mel Carlile to India.  We have a busy schedule for him, he will be meeting with many of the people in the community, […]

School Extension Project Underway

The foundation for the school extension has been constructed!  We are well on our way now to building the required extension which will give us 4 more classrooms.

New Projects inspired by visitors!

  Sandrine Pillon, a visitor from Italy at the beginning of 2016 to the Sita Devi Charity School was deeply touched by the work that is taking place on the ground […]

MBS Wellbeing London

MBS Wellbeing London sponsored our charity at this year’s festival!  They organised a raffle with two lucky winners, Tara Halliday who won the draw and all of the prizes and us […]