Building a UK Community Centre for Wellness

Building a UK Community Centre for Wellness

The vision

People grow best when they are connected in a healthy community.  We are extending our weekly yoga & meditation classes to provide for a location where people can meet, practice and grow together.  Teachers volunteer their time, the location would be “donated” as a space for offering the regular classes to all people who join in.  Think about a space where wellbeing and strong health is top of the agenda.  A space where classes are offered to help people build a healthy strong body & mind.  A space run by the community for the community, nurturing people to connect….connect to themselves, connect to one another, connect to the community.

Transformation will happen here

There are five essentials components you will see in our Community Centre for Wellness:

  • Healthy Living Classes
  • Connect to a healthy body, mind & soul
  • Connect to teachers, students & volunteers
  • Connect to the community
  • Helping others to Connect
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