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Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a Child and YOU will change their life forever.

Just £20 per month provides the child’s current needs for education, nutrition & healthcare.

Your sponsorship will create a genuine relationship that extends way beyond just the child and into their families and communities, gracing them with the basic human requirements including nutritious food, healthcare and education.

With your grace and kindness, we can lift entire communities, ensure the children’s future, protect them from exploitation and shine the light of hope into their futures.​

You’ll personally experience the positive change’s that your support makes to the life of the young children and their communities through our social media platforms

We have 115 school children to sponsor and have launched the campaign to sponsor every child in the school.  Do not worry, the charity will cover the children who do not receive sponsorship.

Your sponsorship makes a key difference, as we can repurpose the funds we are using to cover the primary school children to plan the secondary school education for the students at our school.

£20 per month, that’s it…66 Pence per day, not even the cost of one coffee.


14% DONATED OF £2300 per month

834 Days left to achieve target