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 giving as an act of kindness and abundance

What we believe about giving

We recognise that receiving is as important as giving. Supporters donate their time, resources and financial support that directly impact our causes.   Supporters can also receive and are encouraged to participate in various yoga, meditation and stress management events, activities and classes.

We appreciate your generosity and your help in supporting our Foundation, spreading awareness about our causes and aiding us in our community development.

There are a variety of ways in which you can help. You can raise funds through Just Giving, you can make a regular contribution or a one-off contribution. You can select which campaign or cause you want your contribution to be allocated towards. This is exactly how we started some of our new projects in 2016, donors providing financial support to specific causes, like the food program for the at risk needy people in Pallipattu & the Home for the Elderly. Otherwise, your funds will be allocated towards the causes where needed the most or to keep the school running.


We set up an online shop where you can purchase products, which can be donated to our causes.  You can buy products for yourself or to give as a gift.

All proceeds from the online shop go towards our causes.


Your sponsorship on Total Giving page can help raise funds for our Foundation.  It is simple and easy to setup.  Create your own fundraising page here.


Ask your employer about donating through GAYE: Donations will come out of your pre-tax salary (and often be matched by your employer) so for every £10 you donate your take-home salary will only decrease by £6 (on a 40% tax rate) while the Foundation receives £20.


You can make a donation today via direct transfer.  The bank details below provide you with the information your bank requires to complete the transfer.


It is now possible and convenient to give online (either one time or regularly) using paypal.  Paypal accepts most credit cards and currencies.

Donate Monthly
Donate One Time