Equal Opportunities Policy

Our Commitment

The Ashok Tree Foundation welcomes diversity and is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities in its service provision, volunteer activity and in its employment and managerial practices. We will strive to ensure that no one connect to the Ashok Tree Foundation receives less favourable treatment than others on the grounds of ethnic background, culture, age, religion, sex, sexuality, disability, class, health or marital status or by any condition or requirement which cannot be shown as justifiable.

The Ashok Tree Foundation views all forms of discriminatory language and behaviour as demoralizing for those who are affected and degrading for those who indulge in it. Racist, sexist, ageist or otherwise oppressive language or behaviour is not acceptable from either service providers or users.

In order to ensure that all sections of the community benefit from the services offered by the Ashok Tree Foundation it is essential that staff and management and others such as volunteers, who are involved in our service provision, develop an understanding and respect for the range of needs within the communities we serve. This would include a personal commitment and responsibility to understanding and accepting that forms of bigotry such as racism, sexism, ageism, etc. are oppressive and must be challenged. We are committed to promoting positive attitudes and implementing strategies that promote positive attitudes towards individuals and groups facing discrimination. We also acknowledge the need to be aware of discriminatory attitudes and behaviour within our daily practice and working structures and recognize the need to explore ways of challenging and dealing with this.

In order to effectively implement its intentions in equality of opportunity, the Ashok Tree Foundation is committed to ensuring that all staff, Management Committee members and volunteers are aware of and identify with these aims and will introduce measure in order to address and combat all direct and indirect discrimination. This includes promoting and encouraging awareness through training, supervision and support within the organization.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Each staff member, volunteer and Management Committee member will hold responsibility or ensuring that this equal opportunities policy is implemented.
  • Each of the above will be provided with a copy of this equal opportunities policy when commencing their work relationship with the Ashok Tree Foundation.
  • As part of their induction, the Chair, Vice Chair or their designee will explain the policy to the inductee and highlight any areas or issues of particular concern.
  • The inductee must bring to the attention of the Chair or Vice Chair any issues of concern that they have or may develop in relation to this policy and its implementation.
  • If the issue is a complaint, then the Ashok Tree Foundation Complaints Procedure must be followed.
  • The Management Committee has the responsibility to review this policy every year. They will monitor how the Ashok Tree Foundation has performed in line with this policy and make recommendation to the Board of Trustees.
  • All Ashok Tree Foundation staff, volunteers, service users and Management Committee members will be made aware of the policy and how to obtain it.